I have grown up in a small village in Bulgaria with a population of around 700 people. When I was young I and my friends like to make all kinds of games to lose some time and explore our creativity, because we lived in a poor country at that time we had nothing else to do.

The lack of things to do made us think of different games:

Card games – we used our imagination to create monsters on cards and made out skills from 1 to 6 dice and a made-up map to navigate in.

Tv-shows – we played TV shows in real life making our own using the rules on TV.

Lamadi – this is a really cool game where you cut a piece of fat rubber around 2cm at any form you like, you make two lines in 10 meters one of another in a form of a rectangle, and in one end you make a circle inside the rectangle, then each one places something to bet in the circle( we used caps for the best 🙂 ), and then we throw from the line with the circle to the other line, whoever lamada is closest to the line goes first. Then we start from the other side of the circle and trow again in the order of who was closest to the line goes first. The point is to hit the caps with your “lamada”(rubber weapon), outside of the circle, all that you cleared you to take for yourself and then we start to play again until we get bored or someone run out of caps and goes to collect more from stores, etc.

Those were really priceless years on which I look with a smile on my face. Later in my school years which was in a city called Stara Zagora where I met really nice and cool classmates and again we played in the form of sport. We got football balls and went to play after school in school we played volleyball, basketball and these were the games that gave me an start to learn to win and give everything I can in life.

Now I’m mature and want to share my emotions and learn in the process to become someone better maybe a writer, artist, designer who knows how much a human can grow.

Meaning of the website

I am starting this website to share stories with people as I think it helps develop personal characters and helps us grow. The main reasons for the website are to help me learn to write and get people’s opinions and critiques on the writing I do, also to learn to create and manage a website on my own.

If you ever need a hand or have questions, feel free to mail at and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Stefan Ivanov