Bad work environment, a real-life story.


I will share with you some that may be boring for some but not for others about working as a shop assistant in a firm, I don’t want to say the name, but all you need to know is that it is a worldwide company. Maybe some people could relate to it, I could only speculate, but I’m pretty sure it happened to others too. It is a difficult thing to happen when you are young as I was, so I think it may be helpful to others in a similar situation.

I was working a similar job in the private sector and saw they were looking for workers. At this point, offering wages better than mine was a no-brainer as I needed more money to have more options like studying, material stuff, etc. I made a CV and went to give it myself, not applying online, as I thought it was slow and you could even be ignored and missed. That wasn’t the only option I had. I looked deeper around and applied at more places because I needed to change my current job. After working there for 3 or 4 years, everything had become too easy and repetitive to do daily. By doing that, I got an interview if the owners were there, which was very helpful as you get information on the job and the activities.

Of course, this job wasn’t in the private sector, but still, a woman explained to me a part of the work routine and obligations. Other jobs weren’t so good. Most offered lower wages others wanted me to have some qualifications I missed. After a couple of days, I got a telephone call from the firm. They looked at my CV and wanted an interview on the phone. I agreed as I wanted that job, so she asked me a few questions, which I answered in a pretty standard interview as I got a couple looking for a new job.

And after a few days, I got a new phone call asking me to get working documents and bring them to them. I explained that I had still to lose my current job for one month, and I could start working for them. So I gave resignation papers to my current employer, and on my free workdays, get the documents needed for the new job. After working on my last days at the old job, I started on my new one.

Starting the job wasn’t hard as I already worked a job of that kind, but I needed to be on a learning trial(6 months) in which they could release me. That clause in my work documents will be exploited unpleasantly for me, as six months is too big of a time gap for learning a simple job as a shop assistant. And I realized they always do that, which is why it is so long. Starting the learning period was nothing special. Of course, it is a simple job, so working it wasn’t a challenge, but then the drama began.

I had quit smoking cigarettes for quite a long time then, but most of my colleagues still were smokers. So when they took smoke breaks, I was working because standing in the stench didn’t bring me any joy. This way, there wasn’t good cohesion between the people working there. I didn’t mind and did the job I was getting paid for. And so two months passed, and a couple of the new colleagues had already quit their job. I didn’t understand why until later.

In the third month, my boss started to have a lot of unpleasant talks with me about stuff that wasn’t my fault or was made up. It turned out the female colleagues that worked there for years were bad-talking people and making up lies about them. I still didn’t get involved in stupid stuff, as talking against them was pointless. They were smoking and sharing more time when I was working and new. So people that smoked saw what I didn’t and just quit, but I stayed longer, not understanding what was happening.

Then it got to February, and the time had come to say goodbye. I was told they have to “release me” from work (more like firing me) at the end of the month. This wasn’t a part of my plan to make some cash working there, maybe for a couple of years, and it was so soon after I had left my old job. The good thing was I did work like a postman too for a second job, so not all was so bad, but still, I had to fit this in my work biography and explain in the interviews that they do this only of the need for people in the Christmas and other big holidays, and not like the drama and lies were the reasons for that.

I told them they wouldn’t find someone else, who works like me, and that the firm lost a good employee and never spoke again with them. I found a better job now, and everything is better ( I got four raises on my salary in three and a half years).

I want to thank the reader for taking the time to read this with the hope it will help you if you have colleagues like those. Don’t take anything that is not true about you, and if you think you can’t find a new place to continue your career, then maybe it is time to do it. Prepare your documents but don’t stay in this kind of work environment.

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