Train ride for Ratty.

Part two of the story for the train mouse. Once inside, Ratty looked around the wagon that he was inside. The wagon was big. Ratty had never seen such a big wagon. The walls were big windows and red carpet, and a part of the windows was just a bit open, letting the wind come wildly and calm down on […]

The working boy goes through the forest.

The working boy goes through the forest, Part 2 of the story of The Working boy. Big shadows formed from the trees and kept the heat away from Kev and Jard while walking on the path made for the woodcutters after years of moving wood from the deep forest. The village needed the wood but couldn’t leave the fruitful trees […]

The drawn house.

On a big white cloud, there was a child. This was not an ordinary child he was a painter with a magic pen. Everything he drew became alive and had his own story surrounding it. One day the child painted a house and that house became alive. It was big and yellow with a big brown door right in the […]

The baby jellyfish.

Once upon a time, in a big deep blue sea full of creatures living free. In this big deep sea, there lived a family. Papa and Mama jellyfish had a jellyfish baby in the seaweed jelly nest. On the next day, the sun was shining through the sea and the wind was making waves and under the waves in the […]

The train mouse

  It was a sunny day in Cheesyville, a small town known for its milk products and especially cheese. Looking at it from afar destination you could make a quick town map. The ranches at the end of town were filled with pens of animals producing milk, some were cows, and some were sheep looking further you could see some […]

The happy song

In a forest big and wild, there lived all kinds of animals which seek peace for all, from big to small, some want to eat you other not. Going through this forest wild there was a song that loved them all. It is happy it is good it even brought the music with it. At a corner, really dark a […]

The travelling car

Once upon a time, there was a magical place that was full of cars. There were all kinds of car tracks, racing tracks, highways, city roads, and of course garages in which cars used to take a break from driving all day long. In this place lived the little car called Jared, he was a small two-door red car and […]

The shoe that lost his pair

In a family house of four, mommy, daddy, and two children, brother and sister. They lived a happy and normal life. The daddy worked, the mommy was taking care of the house, the sister was old enough to go to school and the little brother was too little so he spends his time playing and helping at home. He got […]

The sunflower chasing the sun

Sunflowers are beautiful yellow flowers. Looking at them makes you happy that is just their nature. In an open field was growing little by little a sunflower different from the others. It dreamed to become taller than the other sunflowers in the field. He really liked the sun and looked at it happily and grow faster and faster, but got […]

The falling tear

  There was a tear living and sleeping in the dark. She slept well and had all kinds of beautiful dreams about her and other tears dancing, gliding down on slides, and hugging. She was asleep for a lot of time but one day something happened! Something that woke the tear up! In the darkness, a strange light invaded from the […]