Note from the death – The
magical enemy voice

and emptiness surrounded my floating light body. Was this a dream, or was death presenting itself? Did I follow the steps of Micah? Did I face the wrath of the angel figure? How did this happen, and who was
he? All I remember is the magical enemy
voice speaking. And now it is over. Hello, darkness. Is it you again?

Memory before I hear the magical enemy voice




body started shaking from the yelling voice. It was deep and rough,
doubt in my safe appearance even before it happened. It was time for my
daily routine of taking wrong drunkenness mixed with brute masculine
power. Who cared for an orphan? I had nothing except a
sword that was kept away from me but was on me when they found me
naked in the forest at night laying and crying on the ground.

I wasn’t fully alone. I guess my real parents, that left me decided I would need
help. A weapon and a guardian. Micah. She was next to me and followed
me after he adopted me. William. A
scavenger, making a living looting death guards, adventurers, ruins, woods, and camps. He was a good man when he didn’t drink but

William was tall
and well put for a fifty years old. His skin was rough with a
brazilian tan. He explored so many deserts and swamps that his
body got a shell on top of his skin, and his face was square with a sharp jaw, big nose, pitch-black eyes, and short black hair. He
shaved every morning after he cleaned his dirty face from throwing up
or eating like a drunk pig. His two arms were tools he used to find
items buried or under bigger objects. And lifting and carrying items
all his life made him the rock of man he was now.

Unfortunately for Starborn, the lack of other motivation except finding something to sell for alcohol wasn’t even mediocre
advice. And that is why I have turned to Micah. She was like a mother
to me, even though she is an animal. She protected me countless times
and took the beating together with me. Splitting punches and kicks
was better than only me taking all of them, as he tired faster and
continued to live his puke of a life.

I must move away from here

Opening my eyes, all was over. The storming wind was no more the
same stands for the archangel. He spared me! But why? I was in shock from the depths of the past birth memory that haunted me my
whole life. After a quick look around the open field, all my eyes could see was the destruction from the fierce magic attacks.

And there, in the same spot where I last saw her was Micah! I started
crawling toward her laying body. Coming from the memory shock
wasn’t the only problem for Starborn, but seeing Micah not moving was a devastating hit!

In the eyes of the forest, he fell again…

Search Beyond the Veil Part 3


Notes From The Dead: Three Pathways To Be.

The Story Begins.

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