Notes From The Dead: Three Pathways To Be.

The Story Begins.

Note 1: Facing the Angel

This is a blog book. If you want to follow the long fantasy story “Notes From The Dead: Three Pathways To Be.”

My look went through the high trees of the forest. Deeper inside, they reached an open field. Further, looking and we saw some silhouettes energetically standing facing one another. And all three weren’t stepping down captured inside a battle to the death!

– Why are you attacking us? – said Starborn looking forward toward his opponent.

Close by to his right was a bear. She was standing strong-footed on the hard ground, ready to attack. Again the terrain trembled but got quieter and calm near Misha. Brown thick hide with a metal pad on the right front elbow was covering her immortal-looking body.

– Rooooaaaaaarrrrrr! – Misah charged toward the floating target facing her and Starborn, and then a burst of wind, almost forming a wave, struck her to the ground! This stunned her by the upcoming attack, and all she could do was look up at her target.

– Herj, zar nihurhulum! – his right arm clenched into a fist. Covered by armor and on top of the metal armor, spiral white stripes crawled from his wrist like snakes and continued crawling toward his shoulder. Struck on the top of his shoulder, they illuminated so much light and hid the face of the attacker. Next, the wind became a slave, a worker, part of him, and formed waves toward Starborn and Misah!

Starborn got low on the ground. He moved his head up and turned his look towards Misah. He couldn’t move! And looking at her and she couldn’t either! She managed to stay straight on her fours, but the ground below her paws was soaking her in. The attack was so powerful that they both were stuck in place.

He lowered his hand and began slowly to float towards Misah. The snake stripes still glided on his right arm as he closed in. Now he was face to face with Misah. She focused and saw his face, or what should have been a face. The hood was worn by a black fog that moved slowly, and the eyes were like two yellow diamonds illuminating slight light.

– Herj, nir mur!

Starborn felt and saw how he blinked. Darkness for less than a second. Inside this small period of darkness, he saw lightning going through. Next, he opened his eyes and saw him. An angel-like figure with ancient golden armor with magic scripts bound together in one piece. Golden yellow radiant pidgeon-like wings were spread high on top of Misah. The angel-like figure pointed his hand and made a fist pointing at Misah.

Inside the woods. After all the wind and destruction sounds now it was quiet. In the center, the sound of high voltage electricity was coming from the shoulder of the fist towards Misah, still stunned by the previous attack.


– Misah noooooooooooo!!

Then the darkness came back… but the difference was, it stayed.

Note from the death –part 2 The
magical enemy voice



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