Notes from the Death – Merchant Wisdom Stories from Afar

Walk towards the merchant wisdom stories. To find what the world is telling you.

Merchant Wisdom Stories

Dust and dusty housing. Farms and village houses that had gardens and
animals. By the looks of them, you could understand they were built cheap and
fast, just for protection. Still, the walls were massive, and this
felt like the best solution for the continually growing community town of Tantanis.

Yet I had a mission that I couldn’t fail. I needed the merchant wisdom stories about places containing something that could save Micah. Next to the road that I used to head to the center to meet the magic artifact merchant, there were teenagers selling stuff. I thought it was so cool for their parents to give them their place and let them experience work and learn. Some girl was selling flowers she helped to grow with her mother and was speaking to me with the enjoyment of this work done.

My work wasn’t. I need to save Micah. And so I walked inside the shadows away from the happy village sight…

Merchant Wisdom Stories

Was it for the better? Sure. My guilt was heavy, and the darkness wasn’t only on the inside now. The shadows got darker, and suddenly it was all black. I tried to look but to no effect! I was blind!

– Give up… Hi he hi he hi he

– Turn back… you don’t… mess… death…

My face felt like squishing in wet clay. I opened my eyes! A small green patch of grass surrounded by mud. Still in Tantanis, I looked around. It seems I’ve fallen behind a house near the wall. How did I get here, and what was that terrible empty vision warning?

 Weapons and Armor – Merchant Wisdom Stories from Afar

Merchant Wisdom Stories

Almost at the house of the merchant. Before that, I was thinking about what this vision meant and was crossing merchant tents on the way. Lots of weaponry with high prices and high quality. I’ve looked at so many of them over the years. In some towns, merchants recognized me because of our business deals. Scavaging was an underrated job. The only bad thing is you risked your life. Mine already sucked, so losing my best friend made it worse.

– Why do I have visions? This never happened.

– There has to be a connection with this angel fighter, but what? And no clues of who’s voice that was, and why it wants me to stop?

– I can’t trust it. Even if it tries to protect me. I need to save her!

Questioning my path, I continued walking toward Kayley the Merchant. It was midday, and there I was. The front door of the walled merchant shop. The downstairs was a shop, and the second floor was his household. A mercenary was standing at the front door and looked at me. He checked me out and said:

– Hello, Starborn!

– Your back fast, weren’t you heading south to find new places to scavage?

– Sorry, Kellen. I need to speak with Kayley. It’s urgent! I need his wisdom!

– Sure, bro. Come on in.

Crossing the door opened me to the sunlight and warmed my skin. There was hope here where wisdom lay!

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