Notes from the death – The merchant’s quest

The merchant’s quest. Dust and dusty housing. Farm and houses. Gardens and animals. Looking at them, you understood they were built cheap and fast. Still, the walls were massive and felt like the best solution for a continually growing community town Tantanis.

Weapons and Armor – the merchant’s request.

Shopkeepers in Tantanis were rich. Kayley’s house was, what they called it, luxurious. I didn’t use those words or live that life.

I needed his wisdom only. Roaming around the rock-solid two-flour houses, people were traveling towards different goals. Tantanis was amazing, outside and inside his walls.

Spontaneously crossing around me with duty inside their mind, they followed a goal. I also had a goal. Here I come, Kayley!

the merchant's quest

the merchant's quest

Next to a short fence wall surrounding a huge four-flour building. This was some place of importance, and I felt pressure. Military fort. They hated people like me, scavengers, or problem diggers by their words.

I had nothing to be afraid of, yet I felt intimidated. From the garden, two soldiers looked seriously towards the front gates. Wearing leather clothes, let them move more freely with an iron sword and shied.

What they lacked in safety gave them the mobility they needed to chase criminals and keep the peace in town. And this town needed it.

As rich as it was, the opportunities for the thieves were humongous. And with this intimidating and fund fort, this problem was tiny. Not looking for trouble or a continued stay inside the town, I continued to walk towards my goal.

Soon, I’ll be there.

the merchant's quest

After around two hours, I found my destination. Kayley’s shop and mansion were right in front of me. A massive building with high and dense walls surrounding it. And not only.

I stood at the front gate now, where a man with a leather jacket and tight leather pants stood right in front of me.

– Hello,
may I help you? – Brown dirty hair falling to his shoulders and topped with a beige cowboy hat. To finish this picture, a couple of facial scars took the attention away from the old dark-eyed face.

the merchant's quest

– Nice to see you again, Liam. I need to speak with Kayley.

– Sure Starborn, come on in. Do you have something cool to sell?

– I’m here to ask him for information, not work.

We started heading inside. On a block walkway towards the shop building.

– What is it?

– Me and Micah fought an unnatural enemy, and he killed her!

– This is terrible, I’m sorry. So what do you need?

– A way to bring her back.

the merchant's quest

Silence entered the shop.

The Story Begins.

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