Notes from the death – The Old Guard

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The old guard

I’m out of the shadow full of creatures trying to hurt me. Pain,
doubt, guilt, and crawling lies are now behind me. Traveling through
the woods, I now stumbled upon the river Reka. And I knew that she flows near Tantanis. Now I had to save Micah’s present and future!
She must not be forgotten! Outside in the wild, I saw the old guard.

Meeting the old guard

The old guard

The sun was going west toward his slumber. Right before my blue
eyes, I saw the walls of Tantanis. The closest town to our last
scavenging point where we were fighting him. I survived. Maybe he
thought I was already dead, or he just wished for me to suffer now I
had no other obligations than to save Micah.

With the same thoughts about her, I closed the town walls. Next to the
town gate, the guards closed in and stopped right next to me. I wasn’t
in the same good condition as the last time they saw me.

 – What happened to you, boy?


The old guard

Two soldiers were watching my dirty clothes and body full of wounds. Archers on top of the walls were scouting the horizon for treated

or unrecognizable guests. Dyed red leather made them send something for people trying to invade. This place is guarded! They looked, with curiosity, at me and tried to hear and learn about my story in the woods. For the archers was obvious tI wouldn’t get in without explanation. So I gave them the battle with images of the enemy.

 – Boy, this is terrible!

 – Yes, such power and magic aren’t a good thing. If we get attacked by this force, we could be in trouble. We need to tell this to the captain.

 – Thank you for the information you may pass in town now. We can help with your wounds, but I guess there are other things to worry about. Anyway, we’ll clean your way, and welcome to Tantanis.

 – Yes, I need to save my best friend and get revenge!

The older guard got next to my face. He was wearing what was old
armor, but he took care of it. It was part leather, part
metal. The metal parts were covered in light metal connectors(like claws) and handmade metal line parts connecting all the pieces with tanned leather strips that kept the armor intact. Shoulders, breasts, arms, and feet. Even though the armor was old as him, it was kept pretty new.

His serious face showed he was in charge of guards and the town
entrance. His brown eyes were right next to mine, and he said:The old guard

 – Listen here, boy. I’ve been in many situations like this. Losing someone close is a normal phenomenon. Just let it go and continue with your life. The world is too harsh without those trying to interfere.

 – I understand your words bring wisdom. But this is part of me that I need and can’t leave behind.

 – You speak like you lost a child, boy. If that bear is so important, I can’t stop you. Maybe you’ll succeed.

 – Trying won’t be worse than accepting my critical failure.

 – I was speaking about the revenge boy.

My eyes opened widely after the word revenge. Hatred went through my veins, not blood. My shoulders were shaking, and anger took over my body.

 – You can’t tell me what to do! – I told the old guard.

 – HA HA HA- laughing, he grabbed my shoulders, pushing them backward.

 – Arrogant and angry, I was the same HA HA HA!

He let me go and moved back. I wish you luck in saving your friend.
Take care.

With a look towards the ground, I entered Tantanis.

The Story Begins.

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