Mirela and the puppy that survived!

Mirela and the puppy that survived!   A couple of years ago, I was in a relationship with a nice girl called Mirela. So I want to share a story for her and a little puppy dog. But first to reimagine her in text. Mirela was younger than me. Medium size for a woman in Bulgaria(around 170cm), with long black […]

Going back

Part 4 is “Going back” from the story of “The working boy” Kev was walking near the river, surrounded by the sounds of owls and the river rapids. Sunset was coming, and it was getting dark. After so many mistakes, he was tired and couldn’t continue in the darkness. That wasn’t the only problem that Kev faced, as lacking experience […]


Regret. Kev woke up from the voices of the birds, singing a beautiful and wild song. With a quick look and regret in his eyes, he saw the high place from which he fell. I was lucky to survive that kind of fall, but everything is hurting now. Why did I follow this stupid idea to go alone inside the […]

The working boy goes through the forest.

The working boy goes through the forest, Part 2 of the story of The Working boy. Big shadows formed from the trees and kept the heat away from Kev and Jard while walking on the path made for the woodcutters after years of moving wood from the deep forest. The village needed the wood but couldn’t leave the fruitful trees […]

The working boy

It was winter in the village named Khled positioned on the north side of a mountain icy coat. The mountain Freeze was known for its extensive and always white frozen peaks making life harder but also more beautiful. On the east side, a wild and fast river was stomping the ground coming from the inside of the mountain and losing […]

The drawn house.

On a big white cloud, there was a child. This was not an ordinary child he was a painter with a magic pen. Everything he drew became alive and had his own story surrounding it. One day the child painted a house and that house became alive. It was big and yellow with a big brown door right in the […]

The baby jellyfish.

Once upon a time, in a big deep blue sea full of creatures living free. In this big deep sea, there lived a family. Papa and Mama jellyfish had a jellyfish baby in the seaweed jelly nest. On the next day, the sun was shining through the sea and the wind was making waves and under the waves in the […]

The train mouse

  It was a sunny day in Cheesyville, a small town known for its milk products and especially cheese. Looking at it from afar destination you could make a quick town map. The ranches at the end of town were filled with pens of animals producing milk, some were cows, and some were sheep looking further you could see some […]

An brief welcome to Free-Story.com

Welcome to free-story.com! My name is Stefan Ivanov Ivanov and I present to you this website made of stories, pictures, and more to come in the future. I hope that you will enjoy your stay and have a positive attitude and thinking toward the content you see and interact with here.   MY STORY. I had a really hard life […]

The brave dog Argo.

A story for one of my old and beloved dogs, the brave dog Argo. When I was a little kid and lived in my parent’s house, which had a big garden where we used to grow vegetables and fruits, but mostly vegetables used for food. Our family did this as a reliable source of food. My grandma and grampa did […]