Strange meeting in the forest, part 5 of the story The working boy.

Now fed, I feel much better and more confident that the village is close. I need to continue to follow the river, and everything will be fine. Just in case, I will look for something to eat if I need to sleep outside again- thought Kev to himself. Scouting the area staying close to the river, and going against the water flow, in the hope his village is getting close.

A couple of meters behind a big rock, he found a forest path that looked like it must have been made by people.

– So maybe I need to follow it, and I will reach civilization faster than following the river.

– Yes, this is a much better option than continuing to wander in the forest following this path. I have a better direction to follow than meeting wild animals going to the river to feed and drink.

And so he did follow the path led to a much deeper and darker forest. The trees got bigger and thicker, and the sunlight was getting smaller and darker. Big shadows falling from the trees were making the temperature cold and moist. Some owls watched Kev passing by, followed by the wind shaking the branches. It got colder. So he had to find shelter as he wasn’t ready for rain and became stressed. This did bring tricks to his mind, like panicking again.

– It is over! I will get cold and die in this forest! Nobody will find me, and wolves will eat me alive! – he yelled.

Feeling the pain from those thoughts, Kev screamed and fell on his knees to the ground. Birds flew away from the scream, and after one minute of staying in this position hopelessly, something near to the left of him moved some low branches. At this point, after everything that happened, Kev’s body had given up, and he didn’t even try to run and accepted that this was the end of him. He felt a mosquito bite on his shoulder and fell unconscious.

He woke up inside a bedroom. The room was an arc with his bed on one side and a small wooden table next to it. In the middle of the room was a small round window, and next to it was a big cabinet. At the other end of the room was the door, nothing special, just a thin wooden door, used only to forbid you to see through it.

Kev’s back and knees were stiff from all the forest sleeping and walking, and he got up from bed in pain. His legs felt heavy and hard to move. It was like he had been walking nonstop for days. Still, he continued to walk past the room to the door and look at where he was and who got him out of the forest. He opened the door and looked in the next room.


Again it was a round room. On both sides, the room was filled with full sacks of what looked like rice, and in the middle, there was a machine that looked like a miller device. His legs dropped him right after he was no longer holding the door. Falling on the ground made a sound from his body, hitting the wooden floor, and he heard people’s voices coming his way.


– I feel so weak, but at least there are people here. They will for sure help me get back to my village!


The door opened, and inside came a man and a woman. They looked younger than his parents, maybe in their 30s. They had the same dark black hair, round faces, and snub noses making them look like brother and sister. The only difference was their eyes color, the man had brown, and the woman had green.

– You are finally awake! – smiling told the woman. – But don’t try to walk. You need to stay in bed, at least for one more day, until you recover.

– Recover from what? I’ve never felt this exhausted in my life.

– Sorry. I used poison stings to get you here. Looking at you panicking and screaming, I had to use them to be safe if you were armed and dangerous.

– Poison!? Did you try to kill me? – dragging back his body with his eyes wide open, Kev said.

Laughter looking at his reaction, the man said:

– No friend. Not at all. This a paralyzing poison, but it is harmless. We have frogs near the river that use it to escape from predators. It can’t kill or harm. The effect tires you out for a couple of hours. We use it for hunting so we can catch animals alive.

Now Kev felt very stupid. In his mind, he saw the meaning of the words from the older man in front of him. He acted like a child in the forest and again now.

I need to step up and continue my adventure. The very first thing I wanted to do! Get away from home, explore and learn.

– Thank you. My name is Kev. Can you please help me get back to bed? – said Kev, with shining eyes looking at them.


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