Search Beyond the Veil

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Notes from the Death โ€“

part 3 Search beyond the veil

She wasn’t breathing…


Search beyond the veil otherwise…

All is lost!

We were always together…

How do I continue now…

I have to search beyond the veil.Search beyond the veil

was beaten up in the vision of the night stars. They got used to
watching me bleed and agonize in the presence of William.

Micah… I was a child. I had nothing except you and my sword. Why
were you next to me all this time? And didn’t leave. You took care of
me. You licked my wounds and hunted food for me so that I could keep my
strength and forget my hunger. Nothing except love in return from a
useless orphan. That was one of the cursed words that were used to
describe me.

And now she is dead…

need to do something. And it needs to happen alone. The last time I
felt sorry for leaving something behind was William. I hated and loved him at the same time. What a confusing relationship. Yet, I didn’t have anyone else
that took care of me.

In the daytime soberness, he was a pretty good role model.
I learned to scavenge and understand the prices of the
markets for particular items and goods. We moved all the time. Our work was finding valuable items or weapons left, lost, or hidden from sight. And I
understood fast what was cheap and useless and what was worth carrying. Unfortunately, I was dependent and didn’t like the naked alternative.

In the
daytime, I needed to scavenge. And that is a hard job. Later at night, I got my reward. Food and punches.
Still, he cared for me, don’t be ungrateful. I learned
how to take care of myself. And if it costed punching, then it’s fine as long as I can save Micah.

I must find a way to search beyond the veil.

Starborn remembered a crazy shopkeeper in Tantanis. She was selling
magic weapons, which led to her interacting with adventurers, nobles, and
rich people. And she learned so much information about the world, which was hard during these productive and destructive times.

Speaking to her was intimidating if you didn’t buy any inventory. I had to ask her if she knew of such a power that can bring Micah back from the windy grip of time.
Now that Starborn had a plan, he could focus on burying her body and
saying goodbye. He dug a hole and put his arm inside his jacket. From the inside, he pulled out a small white ball.

Starborn threw it on the ground, It grew into a bigger sphere but one with arc pipes. This thing captured Micah’s corpse and closed to a smaller self again. He still buried her there, where she last fought. No sense, no hope, and no future. Starborn was even lower now than he ever could have imagined.

Starborn felt more respect for himself and her after he buried the
body. She had a proper traditional grave with a stone to act like a
gravestone and some smaller ones to mark the grave.

search beyond the veil

– I am destroyed. – said Starborn on his knees facing the grave.

– Goodbye, I will save you!

The forest was loud again. Birds and other animals were

communicating the devastation upon them and the forest. There was no
sight of the Archangel. Going through the forest felt like a leaf
blown away from the wind in unexpected horizons.

The day was closing in. No more were the sunlight waves going between
the branches full of leaves. Darkness was on me again.

Notes From The Dead: Three Pathways To Be.

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