The story of Cobalt Jerry – The time collector.


Cobalt Jerry worked inside the factory on planet Earth, one of many human planets in the system Jayce 1. The year was 3013, and a portion of people were still laborers. The majority of Jerry’s friends and family were working underground. They called it the endless tunnel, a mine for minerals and metals.

Even this year, robot intelligence wasn’t able to mine, and humans did this job. Jerry and his surroundings were the lowest laboring class. They used their hands to mine and have something to put on the table. This job was dangerous, but for that reason, it paid well. This made it fine for the planet’s labor workers.

The planet was full of machinery, and artificial intelligence ruled over jobs. Most positions were taken from the machines and made the lives of the rich easy and comfortable. This caused other problems to come out. Mines were digging the whole planet for metals and minerals, needed for the production of more machines. Batteries, metal body parts, memory and other boards, and other needs for the core resource of the industry, cheap laborers.

Cobalt Jerry – Free Story

There was a huge demand for decades for machinery. Other planets from system Jayce were transporting needed robots to work the new colony Earth planets. Benefiting from the lack of human needs, the only thing stopping the intelligence was they couldn’t exist without human repair and upgrades on their software.

Humankind tried, year after year, to make them independent but failed miserably every single time. Machinery couldn’t learn how to improve its components and had no future endeavors. Another problem was the unavailability to work in the mines. Yes, they could go and mine, but they didn’t have the perception to understand nature’s structured layers of metals, mud, and dirt.

In the continuous attempts to insert robots into the mines, the losses were bigger, than the gains. Fallen walls, fallen structures, and robot losses made the metal and mineral mining stop, and required a human touch to fix it all. The metal and mineral sales for the demanding colonies could continue to improve, gaining more technological advancement.

Robot World

If only they could create robot laborers that could recognize the unpredictable nature. The economy would boon even more, but for this to happen, they needed to expand on other resource planets and help them self-sustain. Mining, farming, gardening, and more worked with machines, but the powerful landowners planned to stop having human labor and mechanize it all.

Following the name Cobalt Jerry was born from miners and became one in the process. He had a normal childhood for one of his family. Work and work. They categorized them as low-class humans but cared for them by filling their pockets with cash for tons of metals weekly.

The family was financially fine but at the cost of a scholarship. Learning craftsmanship or getting one of the expensive scholarships was almost impossible if you were a miner family member. They lived near the mines that were kilometers deep from the centuries of digging.

Living and working this didn’t have many benefits except the cash. Low sunlight and high-class food were hard to get, as it came weekly, and everybody rushed to get as much as they could. Some families couldn’t get everything they wanted and were satisfied with what they got their hands on.

But our hero didn’t want to be a miner. He had something that was giving him new life paths. Cobalt Jerry was 16 and had a relic passed in his family generation. Nobody got a use of it until this upcoming future and our hero. A sphere necklace or four spheres created one, in the middle of which was a sun figurine.

The Mine

Passed as the family jewel to the first son, or in one generation daughter, as no sons were born. Nobody knew that it had potential inside of its circles. A mystery set to be discovered soon, and in the process of making a change to the whole Earth and our carrier Cobalt Jerry.

It was September. The days got shorter, and the night and coldness nested on Earth. The wind blanket has spread its wings and landed on the industrial town Mining Tier 3. A place in the planet’s mines that had the largest resource gain and supplied other colonized planets.

Inside this mine, life was, in a way easy. If you avoid some of the reasons people died, then you could have a long lifespan for a miner member. Canned food and lack of sunlight was a problem of the past. People got new light imitating sunlight and used it to have farms close to the mines to supply food and water for the workers. And remove the need to lose work labor as most of the human needs were satisfied most of the time.

The Plans

This model worked for many generations of humans. They were glad to have a job and money that they used for whatever they wanted. Some tried to escape the mines and find a life outside, but the more knowledgeable people had the right to the land and used it for their own families and projects.

So those who tried had a low chance of succeeding against a more intelligent and prepared opponent. Not that they were aggressive in any way. It was just the land was more precious than metals, and this is why people started to colonize and create climate-friendly planets.

So miners could retire, have their land, and continue expanding their genes, knowledge, and life. Creating new eco-planets to continue the dominance over low-intelligence creatures and making plans benefiting all that is alive.


Аgain, one of the biggest problems came to be. How can they sustain a high life experience for everybody? For now, the key looked like higher learning technology, so they kept following this model and provided laborers with all they needed to continue getting the metals for the scientists and mechanics.

They worked as much time or even more than the miners. Of course, working with data isn’t as hard as physical labor, but you need much more education and time before you can try and work on the upgrades or future projects.

With this in mind, the miners who tried to become something more stumbled onto the hard work of machine working and couldn’t compete in the market of people needed to work those jobs. Most of the other labor jobs, such as cooking, serving, driving, etc, were changed to robots and AI, as they worked 24/7, didn’t complain, and had one break to restart every 24 hours. A reboot for less than a minute, and you have a fresh and new worker.

This would change for our future protagonist, Cobalt Jerry.

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