Part two of the story for the train mouse.

Once inside, Ratty looked around the wagon that he was inside. The wagon was big. Ratty had never seen such a big wagon. The walls were big windows and red carpet, and a part of the windows was just a bit open, letting the wind come wildly and calm down on the rolls of passenger seats filling the rest of the place. Inside, a lady pushed a little cart with coffee and snacks for all the hungry passengers. She gently offered snacks and drinks, and people bought them in bundles.

Never been inside a train, Ratty watched with filled curious eyes. In place of the street, this was heaven, everybody was happy, and the wagon was comfy, warm, and dry. Despite this, he had to watch out, people didn’t like mice or rats, and he needed to hide under the seats and walk near the corners to avoid complications.

– I can’t continue staying here. There is no good place to hide from all the people, and if I get caught, I will be in trouble.

– But where can I go?: Thought Ratty while moving close to the other end of the wagon.

Suddenly Ratty’s years heard something interesting! It wasn’t the continuing talking of the passengers, but it was something or someone who was also a mouse.

– This will be the best thing that could happen! A friend could help me out of here and cure my worries! Being caught.

Catching the sound from the next wagon, he only had to wait for the door to be open so he could sneak fast to the other side. A couple of minutes passed, and a man stood up to use the bathroom.

-This is the thing I am waiting for! : thought Ratty.

Right after the man opened and passed the door, Ratty squished through, hidden from sight in the next wagon.

-Ok, now to look around to find the other mice who hopefully will help me.

And he saw them inside a hole in one of the chairs, two small mice laughing with their heads only out.

-They are not very far, but I need to get their attention without risking people seeing me.

Making noise was not an option. Closing down on them looked hard because people were walking around the wagon, and he might get caught.

– I think my only way is to wave and hope they will stop giggling and look towards me.

And so he did! Ratty stepped on two feet and began waving from the corner he was in.

– I see them, and so should they.

And yes, they saw him. And with smiles on their faces and acrobatic moves dropping down the mouse hole in the seat. And even with gallant movement closing down at Ratty.

– Hello! : said one.

– Hey, my friend! : said the other.

Surprised they were so loud in front of so many people, Ratty said “hey” back, but still was scared of being seen, and he said:

– Shhhhh, be quiet people will hear you!

– Ah, don’t worry! We are home mice. Our owner is wealthy and left us playing around the private wagon. All the people here are maids and servants. They are forbidden to hurt mice because our owner loves mice.

– I’ve never heard of such a thing. Humans love mice.

– Yes! He got us as babies and took care of us. We are heading back to our home, as he was on a school trip for a couple of days and didn’t want to leave us, so he took us with him.

– I understand. Well, I am lost. Can you help me out?

– Sure, my friend. What has happened to you?

– I come from Cheesyville, but in the morning, I got chased by a cat!

Hearing about a cat, the mice hugged and started to shake.

– Oh no, a cat! Do you mean a real cat?

– Yes, a big fat black cat with green eyes!

The mice hid behind one pillar and looked at Ratty from the corner.

– And what did happen?

– I managed to escape, just barely, and ended up on this train, but I am still scared for my life. That is why I am asking you guys for help.

– Sure thing, my brother! Come with us, we know what to do, as we travel a lot. By the way, my name is Ben, and this is Ken. We are the royal brothers.

And so Ratty followed the royal brothers inside the train…

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